Welcome to my little place on the web! The place to showcase my work as an R&D guy and FX TD, share some good old homemade cg software and display a few of my photos.

If you have got job offers, critics, remarks or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

VISITS (06.Nov.02-now):  


Back with a big update: The source code to all of my public projects is now under the GPL/LGPL. Feel free to check out the code from the subversion directories which you can find here, please remember to commit back if you make an improvement.

In addition, if you find any of my stuff useful and especially if you end up using it in production, feel free to donate to the Doctors without Borders !

You can now find a small interview with me on crowd simulation in the second edition of Richard Rickitt's excellent book Special Effects: The History and Technique.

All videos on this side are now hosted by YouTube (should save me some bandwith and reduce compatibility problems).

brainbugz 1.3.2 - now compiled for Maya Win 8.0 and 8.5

Released melfunctions 0.2 - this is quite a big update which adds proper support for vector and matrix math as well as improved array handling to mel.

Autodesk nominated me as a Maya Master 06, cheers :-)

I received quite a few questions regarding the spider animation on the brainbugz page. I haven't quite yet found the time to write a proper tutorial but meanwhile here is a brief overview of the techniques involved.

Added the VFX WORK section, showcasing a little of my work done on various productions. Finally the web site supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, too!

Moved to Sydney to work for Rising Sun Pictures on Superman Returns. Yeah - I'm gonna have a tan, soon!

Released melfunctions 0.1, a plugin with new mel functionality - at the moment mostly matrix math related!

Finally an updated version of brainbugz! Download version 1.3 for various bug fixes and support of more platforms.

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